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Youth Empowerment

Is the price of utilities (electricity/water/gas) reasonable for youths to run their businesses?

Access to public utility is a basic necessity in the modern world. Public utility services include electricity, water, gas, telephone service, internet service etc which is like the daily needs to survive the social life. Everyone needs to get these services in different spheres of life such as in their homes, in offices, in hospitals […]


ICT Technologies for Entrepreneurship

What is entrepreneur and entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurs are the persons who have started their own new business or startup company, managing their own risks and getting the outputs. It means the process of establishing a new business or company by one or more persons. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy job, where most of the […]


Social Media Etiquette

Social media is the place on online where people share their thoughts, perceptions, information, knowledge and even emotions with others. It can be of different types to do different kinds of works. For example, social network sites like facebook, linkedin, instagram, twitter, bookmarks sites like pinterest, flipboard, social news and media sharing sites like youtube, […]

Announcements, StartKoro

Start Koro 2021 Kicks Off

We are excited to kick off  #StartKoro Season 2. We have a great line of speakers for the 1st session which will be on 16 June Wednesday, 6.30pm onwards. You can see the speaker list below: # Opening Session > Arif Nezami, Founder, Preneur Lab > Md Omar Mostafiz, Programe Manager, FNF Bangladesh > Faisal Ahmed, […]

Announcements, Announcements, StartKoro

#StartKoro is Back!: Startkoro Season 2 is open for all potential entrepreneurs and innovators

#Startkoro season 2 🚀 virtual Bootcamp is back with new opportunities. Startkoro season 1🚀 was a huge success and many innovative ideas were came up from the Bootcamps. From all Start Koro 2020 participants, two projects were funded by FNF Bangladesh, three were supported by bdapps, three received Facebook ads credit from Facebook, one startup […]


ই-কমার্স ও স্টার্ট-আপ পলিসি সহজীকরণের আহবানঃ মোবাইল ফাইন্যান্সিয়াল সার্ভিসের ট্যাক্স কমানোর দাবি : জাতীয় বাজেট ২০২১ নিয়ে আলোচনা

 গত ৫ই জুন বিজনেস বুস্ট বাংলাদেশ একটি বাজেট আলোচনার ভার্চুয়াল রাউন্ডটেবিল করেছে যেখানে দেশের পলিসি মেকারস, ইনভেস্টরস, বিজনেস লিডারস এবং তরুণ উদ্যোক্তারা অংশগ্রহণ করেন । ইভেন্টটি প্রেনিউর ল্যাব  ইয়ুথ এন্ড ইনোভেশন “ট্রাস্ট বিজনেস বুস্ট বাংলাদেশে”-র অংশ হিসেবে আয়োজন করা হয় মিডিয়া পার্টনার আরটিভি এর সৌজন্যে ।    এসএমই খাতে বাংলাদেশের ব্যাপক সম্ভাবনা রয়েছে এবং অর্থনীতিতে […]


WhatsApp: Is it really secure?

WhatsApp is known as one of the most used apps and in the last two years it has been downloaded the most among other apps. It is a messaging app owned by Facebook, Inc letting people send texts, make audio and video calls and much more. But the question arises, even with all the privacy […]


Facebook and Preneur Lab launch Bangladesh Analytics Lab as Bangladesh turned 50

Facebook Data for Good has partnered with Preneur Lab to bring together data experts and developers for training sessions to tell the story of Bangladesh through data-driven models. This initiative is supported by leading academic institutions, including BUET Data Lab, BRAC University Computer Club, United International University Robotics Club, Dhaka International University, and Independent University […]