Activities for youth during Quarantine:

Are you tired of watching movies and laying in bed thinking about what I should do next? Then this post will definitely gonna help you! Let’s check this out:



  • Learn a new language : 


Learning a new language is fun and it can add value to your CV also. There are lots of foreign language apps available on google play store. You can simply download an app and practice foreign languages such as Chinese, Spanish, Italian, etc.



  • Join live yoga session: 


Yoga and meditations are very good for both mental and physical relief. Nowadays, many live yoga sessions are going on in social media. So join a yoga session and boost up your mind.



  • Reading E-Books/ Online books: 


You don’t have any new books for reading? Don’t worry! Just check out some amazing Online book links.

Enjoy some E-books of Humayun Ahmed –

১.মিসির আলি সিরিজ

২.হুমায়ূন আহমেদের বই



  • Cooking Experiment: 


Are you missing junk foods? Then try at home by yourself! Watch youtube cooking recipes and experiment your cooking skills. It will help you to utilize your leisure time and definitely fill your tummy!



  • Online course:


Learn something new in free online courses and develop your technical skill. Some certified free courses are offered by companies. Enroll those courses and try to utilize your time!


And lastly don’t forget to maintain hygiene and keep social distance.