AI innovations and the changes it present in society

As defined by John McCarthy, a founding member of the discipline of Artificial Intelligence, AI is the science of making intelligent machines or more specifically intelligent computer programs capable of accomplishing a variety of tasks. In society now AI is present, in some form or complexity, in everyday life. Whether it be out daily news feed or complex numerical calculation in big tech or hedge firms. As our technology grows so does thus the capabilities of AI and its importance to us.


What AI can do now

AI development has allowed it to be implemented in a number of markets for a variety of simple and complex tasks. Most notable is its usage in Natural Language Processing(NLP), Machine Learning, Automated Robotics, and facial recognition. However, with some fine-tuning many individuals and organizations have made use of AI in their own unique ways.

In the agricultural sector, AI and robotics have both made some great advancements in the eon old practice. With the monitoring and predictive potential of AI, farmers have now been able to control the soil quality and predict which direction the weather will go thus fine-tune their approach in crop growth. Robots with some semblance of intelligence are now helping farmers with crop picking at a higher and more efficient pace. Still many of these farmers are bigger than most, therefore, they can implement these new technologies. So for the rest, they will have to do with human labor and simpler tools for the foreseeable future.

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In the manufacturing industry, AI is playing an important role in the manufacturing process. AI is helping to maintain a higher than average productivity and quality of goods. With the use of robotics and AI factory’s are able to work in all manner of conditions and for longer than standard periods of time. With the data analyzing skills of AI the manufacturers are able to see the future trends of the market and change their approaches in product manufacturing.

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AI is useful enough already but we have yet to reach its full potential meaning you will see many more from AI in the future.