Author: Sikder Rituparna


Book Cover Design Contest: Why Liberty

Youth Academy invites artists, cartoonists, illustrators, designers and doodle enthusiasts in Bangladesh to join this initiative. We will be more than delighted to receive artworks as the book cover for the Bangla translated version of the book titled “Why Liberty“. The winning artwork will be used as the cover art in the upcoming translated book […]

Opportunity, Youth Empowerment

Why Liberty : Public Speaking Contest

Click Here to Register Youth Academy presents “Why Liberty: Public Speaking Contest”. Speak about peace, love and liberty to make some difference. Event Format: Participants from 10 Universities will be selected. > 5 Challenges will happen. 2 universities will face-off each other in each of the challenges. > Participants must be available to join at […]


Access of SME exporters to International Market

SME means small and mid size enterprise. By the definition of European Union, SME is an enterprise or company with not more than 500 employees. In other definitions it is said that the SMEs should have not more than 250 employees. So, through an overview we can say that SMEs are that kind of company […]


Is there equal access available for women to technology (internet, DFS, mobile phone access, etc.) in rural areas compared to men?

This century is called the century of technologies. With the improvement of modern science day by day the use of technologies in different aspects of life is increasing. People are using different types of technologies in doing different types of tasks and becoming dependent on technologies everyday more and more. In modern days the use […]


Skill-developing education and training programs for entrepreneurs by Government

Entrepreneurs are the people who have started their own business or startup of their own, working independently, managing all the risks on their own and enjoying the fruits. In present days, with the improvement of information and communication technology and modern science entrepreneurship is becoming very popular among people, especially among youths. Many people are […]

Youth Empowerment

Is the price of utilities (electricity/water/gas) reasonable for youths to run their businesses?

Access to public utility is a basic necessity in the modern world. Public utility services include electricity, water, gas, telephone service, internet service etc which is like the daily needs to survive the social life. Everyone needs to get these services in different spheres of life such as in their homes, in offices, in hospitals […]


ICT Technologies for Entrepreneurship

What is entrepreneur and entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurs are the persons who have started their own new business or startup company, managing their own risks and getting the outputs. It means the process of establishing a new business or company by one or more persons. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy job, where most of the […]


Social Media Etiquette

Social media is the place on online where people share their thoughts, perceptions, information, knowledge and even emotions with others. It can be of different types to do different kinds of works. For example, social network sites like facebook, linkedin, instagram, twitter, bookmarks sites like pinterest, flipboard, social news and media sharing sites like youtube, […]