Bangladesh has entered the international robotics race

Robotics has now become an integral part of our society due to its vast array of implementation throughout a number of sectors both private and public. Its usage and productivity can be seen and experienced in all manners. Whether it be in the products you use or services you enjoy robotics is something that we now can’t live without. Bangladesh as a country has taken a long time to enter this new frontier but in recent years the people of Bangladesh or more specifically the members of its higher education system, also known as university students, have made great strides to put their countries name on the list with other countries that are in the robot race.


Research into robotics in Bangladesh

There are a number of institutes that are in the midst of making robotics a researchable subject in their engineering department. Two of which are Dhaka University(DU) and BRAC University(BRACU). Both of these are distinguished higher education institutions that are known in multiple countries. DU has created a separate department called the Department of Mechatronics Engineering, later renamed the Department of Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering, with the sole intention of students of our time being able to study and research a subject that has become world-renowned in a short span of time. BRACU has made great strides to engage its students in the research of robotics and displaying the results of the research to both the national and international audience. The Robotics club of BRACU has accomplished a number of achievements both big and small. But there is one that has been much talked about a few years back. The “Mongol Tori” was able to compete with robots from universities such as MIT amongst others and secure that 13th position still. And this year with a score of 93 BRAC came third in the University Rover Challenge(URC) coming behind Michigan Mars Rover Team and Stanford Student Robotic with their respective scores of 96 and 94.

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