#BreakTheBias Workathon 2022 – trained 30+ young women for Career Growth

Preneur Lab Youth and Innovations Trust, Begum.co and EMK Center conjugally organized a workathon for women named as #BreakTheBias Workathon 2022. The initiative trained 31 students from various institutions who are aspiring to pursue the professional world in the near future. For women who are just starting out in their professions, this workathon was a memorable experience. It gave them real-world experience working in an office environment and accomplishing real-world duties including client meetings, brainstorming, peer review, developing MVPs, and making group presentations, among other things. The workathon concept aided in increasing productivity, developing leadership skills, and positioning oneself as a viable job candidate.

Preneur Lab and it’s sister concern Begum.co has previously organized a Workathon for women in partnership with the EMK Center in 2020. The concept of “Workathon” strengthened teamwork capability. It allows participants to experience the work-life before getting into a job. It will help participants to experience real-life projects and client handling.

It was a half-day women’s workathon that began at 10:30 a.m. Ms. Rakhshanda Rukham, Co-Founder of Preneur Lab Youth and Innovation Trust, was present at the occasion and gave a significant speech. Two mentors were present at the event and took over the mentoring and grooming session. They provided useful insights and guidance to the participants regarding office work cultures and how to simply manage a corporate or professional life. Following the sessions, the participants were required to complete some tasks based on the sessions. The jury members assessed the tasks after they were completed, and three individuals were picked as the winners for the most effective execution of the tasks.

Even in 2022, when the theme of International Women’s Day is “Break the Bias,” many women, particularly in south-asian countries such as Bangladesh, are still trailing behind in the workplace. They have a lot of problems at work because of a lack of effective grooming and mentorship. However, if they receive adequate grooming and coaching, they will be able to shine in all areas. Since 2014, the Preneur Lab Youth and Innovation Trust has worked to empower women throughout the world. They have held a lot of events, workshops, and different sorts of initiatives, such as the workathon, to achieve this goal. Preneur Lab hopes to see much more outstanding projects for women in the future.