Coronavirus Second wave is coming!

Countries around Asia are assuming for the 2nd wave of COVID-19. The number of infections has begun to rise in many European countries which referred to as the Second wave. Experts have warned that a Second wave may be coming in Bangladesh. Prime minister Sheikh Hasina asked everyone to be prepared to tackle the “Second Wave” of Corona Virus infection in the upcoming winter. Even, the leave of all educational institutions has been extended till 30th October!

The second wave of Coronavirus is expected to be more dangerous! The infection rate is rising already in our neighboring country India. In order to start the second wave, the first wave needs to end. In order to make the first wave end, the virus would have to be taken under control. There is still uncertainty about having vaccines. Researchers and Scientists around the world are trying to develop 160 types of vaccines against Coronavirus. Bangladeshi pharmaceutical organization “Globe Biotec” has announced its vaccine “Bancovid” will be available in January 2021. They have achieved another milestone! Their vaccine is now certified and okay for human trial. But experts claimed that the vaccine will not be available before the second wave appears.

So we should take proper precautions and spread awareness in order to tackle the second wave. As the winter is coming and it is the season when people suffer from viral flu. So if the second wave comes in Autumn or Winter (the flu season), it will hit hard and create pressure on hospitals and health care sectors again!


Will there be a lockdown again? 

As we can see in every country, when the restrictions are loosened, the infection rate rises up. If the situation gets worst, there is a possibility to renew the lockdown or restrictions. Mainly it depends on the country and the government and the capacity of their healthcare and economic sector.

People should be aware of the situation and maintain social distance more. As we can see people are not maintaining social distance and going for a tour or gatherings. It can create a massive situation in the second wave period. Moreover, creating awareness and maintaining social distance will help us to survive the second wave. The cabinet stressed the need to ensure that everyone uses masks outside the home to protect themselves from the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic. The field administration has been instructed to enforce the law through mobile courts if necessary with awareness measures to ensure everyone wears masks.