8 Bangladeshi Pacesetters Got Recognition At 2022 Diana Awards

Following a virtual event on July 1, 2022, eight young changemakers from Bangladesh received the Diana Award this year. The Diana Award, founded in 1999 in remembrance of Princess Diana, is a renowned honor presented by the organization of the same name. Prince William and Prince Harry, the sons of Princess Diana, endorse it. Nominees for the Diana Award must be between the ages of 9 and 25 and have been engaged in humanitarian work for at least a year. Consequently, receiving this honor is thought to be among the most prestigious things for the youngstars. And this year, 8 Bangladeshi aspirants have made the entire country proud by obtaining this honor.


The 8 changemakers who received this award from Bangladesh this year are as below:

  • Nafira Ahmed, Founder, Amplitude: Amplitude is a nonprofit organization that supports Bangladesh’s poor communities. It was founded in 2019. Nafira has organized eight charitable events for the underprivileged through this group till now.
  • Murad Ansary, Founder, Psycure: Psycure is a one-stop online portal for emotional and mental health solutions. Through specialists, frequent seminars, broad offline and online awareness campaigns, and other means, it aims to provide mental health help.
  • Faezuddin Belal, Executive Director, Barishal Youth Society: Faezuddin has been actively associated in the Barisal Youth Society, where he has addressed issues of inequality in order to contribute for the society’s general growth. He contributed to the creation of the “Girls’ Summit,” a network of girls who are strengthening their soft skills and leadership abilities in marginalized and climate change-affected communities.
  • Anusha Chowdhury, Co-founder, Let’s Talk Mental Health: Talk With Us A social organization called Mental Health works to reduce the stigma associated with mental illnesses by increasing awareness via the arts. People may discuss their problems in a secure environment thanks to the site. By promoting optimism and pointing people in the direction of qualified assistance, it aids people in overcoming their challenges and includes the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Md. Aminul Ehsan Khan, Senior Regional Officer, Awareness 360: For the past four years, Aminul has volunteered with Awareness 360. An international network called Awareness 360 encourages young people to create initiatives that support the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Shamim Ahmed Mridha, Founder, Eco Network: Shamim organized a number of seminars and training programs through his “Climate School” project to educate more than 50,000 children and youths about the environment. Nearly 10,000 people have signed up to be part of his team as climate ambassadors, and they are utilizing the media to increase awareness of environmental issues and climate change.
  • Manisha Meem Nipun, Pathchola Foundation: The transgender community’s spokesperson has been working in Bangladesh’s outlying regions, notably the hill tracts, as a youth trainer and human rights campaigner. She joined the founding team of the “Pathchola Foundation” in 2019 and began working there.
  • Dipro Prattoy, Founder, DP Tutorials: An educational consulting firm called DP Tutorials offers need-based financial help to impoverished students. Dipro has provided high-quality scholarships and financial aid to more than 1000 low-income students from Bangladesh, India, and Nepal so they can pursue higher education abroad.

With their achievements, these eight changemakers have brought great honor to the nation. They are anticipated to go on working in the future.