E-Learning and how it is helping us during Covid infected society

With the pandemic of Covid-19 many education institutions have been forced to close down in order to not help in the spreading of this infection. However, that means many students and faculties are now unable to continue with their education and or training. In order to solve this predicament many of the affected institutions have turned to E-Learning for a solution. The term E-Learning is defined as a form of teaching that has eliminated physical teaching in favor of using electronics such as the internet and computers. Through the usage of the internet and computers, vast differences in distance between the students and their faculties are of little matter.

How does eLearning work?

The process of E-Learning is rather simple in execution however there is some preparation involved in both the students and education part. For the institutions that wish to implement E-Learning with their curriculum, they need to make sufficient changes in the syllabus because not all parts of the syllabus will be coverable with the usage of the internet and computers. For example, lab work for courses like chemistry, biology, EEE, pharmacy, etc physical instructions are required. There are ways around them through simulations applications but results from those will always be subpar compared to physical labs. As for the students, all they need to do is to be on time and maintain an air of professionalism while attending the coursework via the internet.

What impact is ELearning having on people and society? 

In terms of benefits from E-Learning, they can be separated between both the institutions and the students they are serving rather equally.

For the students, E-Learning is giving them level independence in the subject of learning speed as well as resource availability. Since the learning is happening in the ether it means that the faculty needs to put all the resources related to the course on the net thus students are able to get access to them at any time. Since the assignments will be put up ahead to time students can tackle them in a precise time frame without being overwhelmed as long as they are punctual.

For the faculties and institution, the E-Learning platform lets them manage the student body in a better manner than most. The faculty is able to handle the assignment and exam marking in a concise pattern with the help of the online course management software that was implemented. Also, the cost-effectiveness of this system is unparalleled according to some of the institutes that use it. The University of North Carolina stated that in 2010 they saved five million by using E-Learning in some courses rather than the physical alternative.

Both before and while the pandemic is going on E-Learning has been of tremendous use when used in an effective manner. And its usefulness may just be seen for the duration this pandemic is present.

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