Google Developer Group Dhaka and Women Techmakers Bangladesh Organized Break Inequality Workshop

Women Techmakers Bangladesh and Google Developer Group Dhaka cooperatively arranged a ‘Break Inequality’ workshop especially designed for women on 20th April at EMK Center, Dhanmondi. The motto of this workshop was ‘progression not perfection’ that emphasizes on women being involved in more use of technology rather than being technology savvy. 

It was mostly focused on creating awareness among females about technological advancement and making them technologically intelligent which will assist them in building their career more systematically. Several numbers of enthusiastic participants from different renowned universities and organizations who are looking forward to kick start their career in near future attended the workshop. 

The half day long workshop started at 10.20 am with an ice breaking presentation by Ms. Rakhshanda Rukham, Manager, Google Developer Group Dhaka and the Co-Founder of Preneur Lab Youth and Innovation Trust. She highlighted the importance of women acquiring tech proficiency and being more engaged in the use of technology for advancing their skills to achieve the desired career goals. 

After that, there was a significant session by Punna Islam, Coordination and Partnership Officer at UN Women which discussed different insights on todays tech involvement, women’s detachment from technology use, different insights about tools and advanced technology guidelines. She also shared her diverse career  journey which inspired the participants to work in an adverse situation. 

Then there occurred the most interesting part of this workshop which was the ‘Panel Discussion’. The guests of the panel discussion were Nausheen Ahmed, Assistant Director, Internal Audit at ASA International, Fatema Tuz Johoora, Private Sector Partnership Broker, Oxfam Great Britain, Rebecca Sultana, Project officer, Partnership for a tolerant and inclusive Bangladesh, UNDP Bangladesh. During this discussion session, all the iconic ladies considered how women are still lagging behind even in 2022 because of lack of education, knowledge and feasibility. The session was very interactive and participants also shared the obstacles they face in their everyday life. Then following the motto, the panel talked about how we should emphasize our progress first and not to worry about perfection. 

They said that nobody in this world is perfect and that is totally fine. If we tend to remove our self doubt and start working on ourselves, develop our skills and be confident about things we do, then nothing can stop us from being successful empowered women. The whole session was so participative and everyone in the room tried to engage themselves in the discussion. 

The workshop finally ended with a Participation Certificate giving ceremony and some photos were captured for tracking the memory.