Experts are Optimistic About Business and Economic Growth Between Bangladesh & Germany

Preneur Lab Youth and Innovation Trust and Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Bangladesh organized the series of “Impact Talk” of this year 2022. The main topic of this seminar was “Bangladesh-Germany 50 years of Friendship: Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth”. The seminar was arranged virtually on 22 December 2022 at 8:00 PM.

Germany, one of the first European countries to recognize Bangladesh’s independence from Pakistan in 1972 and establish diplomatic ties, is considered Bangladesh’s second-largest export market and a trustworthy donor. The goal of this online seminar, which commemorated the 50th anniversary of the two countries’ relationship, was to demonstrate how Bangladesh and Germany can collaborate, share entrepreneurial knowledge, and advance their respective commercial and economic development.

A panel discussion was held about the Bangladesh-Germany Business and Economic growth and possibilities. Ms. Rakhshanda Rukham, Co-founder of Preneur Lab moderated the panel discussion. She also took a session on the Bangladesh Startup Situation. Mr. Kazi H. Robin, Associate Professor of World University of Bangladesh was the special guest speaker of the panel. The other speakers of the panel were Mr. Quaiyum Runi, Co-founder of Best Aid Limited, and Ms. Chamely Akter, Director of SACK Trading Limited. Dr. Najmul Hossain, Country representative of FNF Bangladesh was also present at the event and shared his valuable thoughts.

Mr. Kazi H. Robin discussed the vision and strategy for the growth of the startups of Bangladesh and about the linkages existing in the startup community between Bangladesh and Germany. The other two speakers shared their entrepreneurial journey, challenges and opportunities. Ms. Rakhshanda Rukham shared her IAF experience in Germany, about the Germany-Bangladesh relationship, how the startups strengthen Bangladeshi economy and society as well as moderated the whole panel discussion. A Q/A was also organized where the audiences presented their questions to their respective speakers and the speakers along with the moderator answered them.

In this session for a successful startup, Dr. Nazmul emphasized four things. First of all, he said to focus on homework. It means you need to collect data, and need to talk with people. And data should be quantitative and qualitative. Second thing is, you need to have some skills. Skill to figure out what is your need, in technology what is happening. These skills can be achieved by attending seminars, online, by reading books. The third most important thing he mentioned is that you have to be ready for hard work and take challenges. And last but not least, according to him, customers may move to another market, and the market economy may wonder about you; in a word, you may fail in your startup but you have to be ready to accept these situations.

Preneur Lab and FNF Bangladesh have been hosting the series “Impact Talk” since 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. The “Impact Talk” series discusses a variety of current issues in the society, including entrepreneurship opportunities, innovation, youth empowerment, limitations, etc. Keeping these in mind, the two organizations organized another episode of the “Impact Talk” series. Some of the vital topics were presented and discussed, which in the long run will impact the Bangladesh-Germany relationship positively, that the both organizations are hopeful about.