Is the price of utilities (electricity/water/gas) reasonable for youths to run their businesses?

Access to public utility is a basic necessity in the modern world. Public utility services include electricity, water, gas, telephone service, internet service etc which is like the daily needs to survive the social life. Everyone needs to get these services in different spheres of life such as in their homes, in offices, in hospitals and so on. Day by day while the demand for these services are getting higher, at the same time the cost for them is also rising.


Need of Utilities in Business:

Utilities are like investments in business. Investments always don’t count as money or goods. It also counts as the effort, the dedication and opportunities that the business is getting. This opportunity includes the advantages and services that are needed to drive the business. So, naturally the utilities play a role of investments in business. A business runs by using the services of a utility like electricity, gas, water or internet. For example if you want to run a software company then, the utilities like electricity and internet are necessary to you. If you want to run a factory related business, then gas, water, electricity and the internet are a must. What you are spending for the bills of these, are getting added as the investment for the production.


Present Day Situations of Cost for Utilities:

In present days as the demand is getting higher, the cost for them is also getting higher. When the uses of these services are increasing, naturally their production, maintenance, and need of manpower is also increasing. So, they are making the cost higher. But this is making a clear impact on the business of youth. Youths who have started their business or startup in recent times, naturally have a minimum amount of capital with a little investment. But if they need to pay more than their budget for production and the product is the same as planned, then it’s obvious that they are going to face a big loss in their business. Present days with the increasing rate of big industries and companies, the charges for the utility services are rising according to them. Thus, sometimes it’s being higher than the normal rates or reasonable rates. This is becoming like a nightmare for small business or startup companies as it’s getting very tough for them to cope up with this. They are spending more for them that they planned or should make, and at the same time the product is not getting done according to the cost. In big industries or companies where the capital is bigger, investments are bigger and the production rate is very high, what is affordable for them is not affordable for the business that has been started recently.

Recently we have seen that many young people had to leave their business or close the company due to the excessive costs and the loss in their business. As young business persons they didn’t have a big amount of capital or a large amount of investments. But the cost they needed was more than their budget. In this competitive world they could not stand with their rivals and thus they had to stop their businesses. These increasing rates of price of utilities have started mainly in the last decades when the youth became more interested and enthusiastic about starting their own business. A company’s ability to meet utility service requirements can facilitate economic development—or its inability to meet those needs can frustrate the realization of those opportunities. Thus the need for these in business is growing at a dramatic rate. When the rate of utilities is rising, the cost of other products is not getting changed according to them. Thus the investment is getting bigger than the cost of the expected product, which is resulting in loss. The youth with a new startup or a small business are not getting the profit according to their expectations. Thus they are losing all their motivation for their business, rather getting demotivated to continue the loss project anymore. In this way a huge number of startups or businesses of the youth have got closed for good. Again there is always a difference in utilities in villages and cities. The price of electricity per unit in cities is much more than the price in villages. Again other utilities like internet service, water and gas are cheaper in cities than in villages. Thus the entrepreneurs of villages  and cities get different advantages and opportunities from each other. They all can not get the equal amount of these and sometimes can’t understand the problems of each other as they didn’t go through it. Thus they can’t co-operate with each other and that creates chaos in business. And the final form is the business to be shut down.

If the price was reasonable, the youth could make the best use of them and make profit. They never had to close their business due to the imbalance of expense and profit. They could even motivate others, and we could see a lot of new youth as entrepreneurs. If the price of utility could be decided according to the size of the company, for example a comparatively big amount for large industries and a reasonable amount for the small businesses then the rivalry between big and small could get reduced and the youth could survive with their business.


From the above discussion it’s clear that the price of utilities is not reasonable for youth to run their business. It’s one of those vital reasons that we can’t see many successful youth business persons. If it was reasonable and youth friendly then more youth could be motivated to start their business and become entrepreneurs. So, to create more and more young entrepreneurs and bring change in our society, lifestyle and perception about business it’s very important to make the utilities more available so that the price can get reasonable for youth.