Jio Meet: An improvised clone of Zoom and Google Meet

Jio Meet, a video-conferencing medium, is the most trending application in India right now. It is the brain-child of Reliance Industries, the biggest privately-owned sector of that country. Times where it’s direct competitors Zoom and Google Meet are being interrogated regarding data security, Jio Meet is taking advantage of this loophole.

The features offered by Jio Meet are more or less the same as the other two video-conferencing applications although there are some upgraded functionalities of this app. For example, it offers a 24-hour long video conferencing experience while Zoom just limits itself to a 40-min one. Similarly, in order to capture the Indian consumer market rapidly, Jio Meet is not emphasizing on profit-generation. Rather, they are more interested in offering free services so that it can gain a greater market share in comparison to Zoom and Google Meet. Adding further, it has made sure that it addresses issues that surround the safety and security of consumer data by providing end-to-end encryption of calls. The most interesting fact about this particular app is that it can be operated by one person through five different devices at one time and it is compatible with iOS, Android,  Windows, and more. Nevertheless, just like any other startup, this too has a few drawbacks. Jio Meet is still working on its security concerns. Another drawback of Jio Meet is that it is still not recognized by a good amount of people so it needs to work on it’s marketing strategies simultaneously.

Therefore, we can surely say that Jio Meet is an improvised clone of Zoom and Google Meet. However, in order to sustain in the market, it has to make sure that it pivots it’s business plan by keeping the competitors in mind.