Must needed Skills for the post-coronavirus job market.

Digital skills are the key to sustainable growth in today’s economy. They lead to more jobs and higher pay. Someone who is going to succeed in a post-coronavirus-world will need to be able to adapt to an ever-evolving workplace and have the ability to continuously update and refresh their Digital skills.

According to research conducted by the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) in April last year, most of the students from both public and private universities are graduating with poor job related and other basic digital skills, disqualifying them from the country’s job market.

So, today we will discuss six job skills that will help fresh graduates to survive in the post-coronavirus job market.

Lets began with the most popular Microsoft office; An office would find it difficult to function without Microsoft Office. The suite has a set of tools that almost all functions at all workplaces have some use for. If you are still not very confident about your MS Office skills, brush them up before you start losing out on excellent job opportunities just because of this one shortcoming.

In the world that is heavily dependent on the world wide web , training with Web and Social Skills is a must. Web skills include being able to do effective research on data, acquire a new skill of the Internet, or quickly get images or graphics to support your presentations. Social media skills to are exceptionally important in today’s workplace. This is the space where a significant number of leads are obtained, networks are formed and even hiring takes place. To begin with, brush up your LinkedIn profile and approach recruiters – this will in itself enhance your chances!

Third is Troubleshooting, Troubleshooting is a systematic approach to problem-solving that is often used to find and correct issues with complex machines, electronics, computers and software systems. Delve a little into the common software and hardware you use, and watch YouTube videos on how to troubleshoot issues like crashes etc.

Fourth is Graphic Design, From marketing to product design, graphics find a crucial space in many industry verticals, and knowing how to use all the computer resources at hand to create graphics is a highly valued skill.

The fifth is Blogging, whether you write about your own career progressions or do so for a product or service on behalf of a company, blogging is ubiquitous.

The last but the most important one is Writing Skills, Analytical writing is a powerful skill. While creative writing may be a bit of inherent talent, analytical writing is a skill you can develop.

While one needs to pursue the desired job or career that ensures prosperity and success, at the same time, one would also need to prepare himself/herself by learning these skills for the new job market and to face the challenges and uncertainties and grab the opportunities.