New Innovations for a new world

We are living in a time where the world around us is changing at a rapid pace and in some areas that change is not always for the better. To either match the change or go against it, in some unfortunate cases, we need to be able to create/innovate either technology or programs.

What this means is that we need to make better and smarter choices for ourselves. Already we can see some of these newer ideas and innovative initiatives taking place all around us. Many of these are being made by youths who have seen or experienced the world-altering changes and have a stand against it.


Youth-led Green Initiative

All around the world we are seeing the damage we are causing to the earth itself in an effort to extract more and more resources for ourselves. This continuous extraction process has led to earth to be depleted in many causes to die out in the form of either animal extinction or irreversible damage. Seeing this and in some cases experiencing it has led to numerous individuals, a significant portion of whom are youths, to go against both governments and private organizations. Different actions are being taken to combat the resource depletion by different groups. While some are leading protests and creating nonprofits to raise awareness others are creating alternatives to many of the needed resources such as wind and water-powered electricity generations. An excellent example of environmental preservation that has garnered much attention is the Sydney living shoreline, which is being implemented with combined efforts of Volvo, Reef Design Lab, and the Sydney Institute of Marine Science. The idea is to create a shoreline that is made of a material that does not damage the marine life around it while being able to reinforce the shoreline where it is placed.

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AI trends in recent years

Artificial Intelligence or AI for short is the new hot topic in the tech world in recent times. Many are thinking that AI research will pave the way for most of the new techs we will be seeing for the foreseeable future and they aren’t wrong to say that. AI has become an integral part of our daily lives and most don’t even know it. From the photo filters in our selfies to the types of news we read, all of them are influenced by AI.

To get a better understanding of which areas of AI are in trend now read:–important-ai–machine-learning-trends-for-2020/#4f94d1e32323

Newer and better technology are coming to the market every day and many of them will have a positive impact on our daily lives while others will provide us with some laughs. In the end, none of them can be called unnecessary since all forms of innovations are created with some sort of demand in mind.