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The Amalgamation of Facebook and Instagram

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have been associated with Mr. Mark Zuckerberg for over a year now. He has brought various changes in features and functionalities of these applications as they are all social media platforms. Adding to the past successes, the Facebook and Instagram team have decided to do a merger. This recent update is […]

Youth Empowerment

Corporation and Co-operation: the perfect duo?

What makes an organization different in terms of competition and a unique selling point? From a business-oriented point of view, it is employees’ skill and experience, organizational strategies, functional development programmes etc. However, after accepting more of a diverse outlook, it is evident that the foundation of a corporation is consolidated via co operation and […]

Youth Empowerment

Productivity Hacks for Students

Students of all age groups have to be proactive. They have to be on the run always. Especially in a competitive era where grades and extracurricular activities are both endorsed side by side, the hustle is the only way out. However, it is not normal for one to be motivated all the time. This is […]


ফেসবুক ডেভলপার সার্কেল ওপেন সোর্স কন্ট্রিবিউট করে গিফট জেতা

১। এখানে রেজিস্ট্রেশন করুন । অবশ্যই Community: Facebook Developer Circle Dhaka এবং Country: বাংলাদেশ দিতে হবে।২। খুব সহজে গিটহাবে কোন প্রজেক্টে ৪টি কন্ট্রিবিউট / পুল রিকোয়েস্ট (PR) করুন । এর মাঝে ১টি ফেসবুক ওপেন সোর্স রিলেটেড কিছু হবে ।৩। আপনি নতুন হলে এই ডাইরেক্টরিতে কন্ট্রিবিউট করতে পারেন । এখানে কন্টেন্ট ও পোস্ট করা […]


The End of Google Play Music

According to Google, it will stop it’s Google Play Music operations completely from 2020. New Zealand and South Africa will lose this feature from September although all the other countries will face that from October. There are multiple reasons for this app to be dismissed by Google although YouTube is the major one. YouTube has […]