Skill-developing education and training programs for entrepreneurs by Government

Entrepreneurs are the people who have started their own business or startup of their own, working independently, managing all the risks on their own and enjoying the fruits. In present days, with the improvement of information and communication technology and modern science entrepreneurship is becoming very popular among people, especially among youths. Many people are choosing entrepreneurship as their career path and gaining success. But the number of people failing to get the success and giving up their ideas of being an entrepreneur is higher. In our country the rate is very high and the main thing responsible for this situation is the lack of skills.

Naturally entrepreneurship is like leadership. Sometimes leading yourself and sometimes leading some other people who are working for you. So, obviously entrepreneurship requires a lot of skills. Some skills you get by-born and some skills you need to develop on your own through your study, hard work and experience.

In past days , the Government did not take any step to train the youth or to help the youth to increase their potential and skills. But nowadays even the Government is getting the importance of the training programs to develop the skills of the youth to make them a successful entrepreneur. Several programs are being held by the Government regarding this process. To increase the investment in private sector in both the ways local and foreign, Government has taken a vital step. It has introduced a new development project named “Entrepreneurship and skill-development project” through Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 8 by creating skilled entrepreneurs for suppliers and linking development industries providing training to the potential youths on regulatory regime and business procedure. This project trains the new entrepreneurs, listens to their ideas and helps them to go forward. They even provide all the legal and communication support, those are needed for the entrepreneurs. With this project even some of the entrepreneurs are already facing the successes in their work. This project is bringing a light on the entrepreneurship sector. People are knowing more and more and getting interested in entrepreneurship.

In the previous year, the Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh made a project in this regard. They made a national skills development policy. In this they cleared all the things about what skills are needed to the general people, what are the processes to gain them, how to get them and all. This was actually like a guideline for the new entrepreneurs.

In the present days many social institutions, companies, NGOs are working for the development of skills. They are arranging a lot of training programs and trying to provide the proper education. Some of these are the projects of the Government. Government is supervising all these projects to make the youth and the entrepreneurs more capable.

The Government is even trying to provide these training programs and education to the students of school and college sectors too. These projects include campaigns, teaching programs, and motivating youth towards entrepreneurship. By these, the people are getting more and more motivation to be an entrepreneur and at the same time developing skills too to become successful.

But every light has a dark part. Though at present the Government is taking so many steps in this subject, it is still not enough for this over populated country. There are a lot of people who are still deprived of the advantages of these projects. Government is not reaching them or they are not reachable, whatever may be the reason but they are remaining in this deprived zone. Especially people who are from villages or small towns are the main victims of this. They are trying to become entrepreneurs, make their own enterprises or farms but are not getting the proper education or training for developing their skills. Thus with a very undeveloped skill they are becoming failure.

So, we think that these kinds of projects like development of skills for entrepreneurs and their proper training, should be taken more and more. These should not be kept limited to only big cities or town rather it should be spread all over the country so that every person from every corner of the country can reach them, get them, develop their skills and become  a successful entrepreneur. Projects like “Entrepreneurship and skill-development project” are very helpful for the new and old, both entrepreneurs. So these kind of projects are expected more and more throughout the country by the Government. It should be kept in mind that making more and more successful entrepreneurs can solve a lot of problems like unemployment problems, exportation problems etc. More entrepreneur means an increasing number of industrial advantages, it means competing with the development of the third world. So, the Government should come forward for this process more and try to arrange more programs.