Group of Young Women Aspirers Introduced with Metaverse and Received Training on Spark AR

In recent years, we’ve witnessed scientific breakthroughs that we never thought possible. Regardless, STEM is a field where gender disparity is common. The issue here is that 1. many women lack sophisticated technical abilities to cope with future automation systems, which can lead to their unemployment, and 2. despite the fact that the number of males in STEM disciplines is rising, there is still a shortage of women in STEM sectors. Why should women fall behind while the rest of the world is moving forward? Preneur Lab Youth and Innovation Trust and the EMK Center collaborated to host a 2-days long workshop for women to educate them on Spark AR, graphics design, and augmented reality. The event was powered by Meta Developer Circle: Dhaka and MakerLab – EMK Center.


The tagline of the program was “Women Leading 4th Industrial Revolution.” The motto of the program was to train aspiring women on Spark AR, graphics, and augmented reality to create future leaders of the tech society. The training took place at EMK Center on May 17 and 18, 2022. The event gathered participants from versatile backgrounds. On both days, the workshop was conducted by Ms. Ishrat Urmi, UI/UX Designer of iBOS.

On the first day, the participants learned fundamental graphics design, how to utilize the Spark AR software, and how to create various filters using the software during the workshop. On the second day, the participants were taught some advanced level of graphics designing and creation of the AR filters.

The participants were given an assignment, from which top five submissions were awarded. All of the participants got certificates for their participation and the five winners received exciting gifts along with their certificates.


More women need to be trained to cope with today’s tech environment and excel in their careers. It becomes essential to familiarize them with artificial intelligence, Spark AR, machine learning, and other technologies. To commemorate Bangladesh’s 50th anniversary, the “Begum Rokeya Squad: Women Leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution” initiative intends to develop future female tech leaders via hands-on training in this augmented reality technology.