#StartKoro Session 2 Key Learnings

Lessons From Linda Germanis: 

  1. Sustainable sourcing helps to find quick solutions during crisis situations. 
  2. Performance of Sustainable companies is higher than in traditional companies.
  3. Social activism helps a company to create Brand Value.
  4. Provide decent jobs and income by employing inclusively and hiring diversely.. 
  5. Reduce operational risk, reputational risk and legal risk.
  6. There are 5 Drivers of Financial value: Generate new revenue, Increase supply chain resilience, Recruit and retain talent, Spawn investor interest and Assure license to operate. 


Lessons From Md Ashraful Alam,

  1. Modern retailing will continue to grow with the deployment of technology. 
  2. Rural micro-merchants use limited digital solutions for business purposes.
  3. Digital solutions and training are needed to improve business operations. 
  4. UNCDF has implemented 6 innovative pilots to tackle the challenges for micro-merchants: Bank Asia, Sure Cash, iSocial, field-buzz, Paywall and so on. 
  5. A platform should be built for rural Micro merchants to digitize their business.