The Effect of COVID-19 on Youth’s Mental Wellbeing

After being in lockdown for over 4 months now, what is that one thing which will make you happy? For some people, it is the freedom of going out while for some, it is the safety of their loved ones which will once again be secured. Amidst all these materialistic demands and necessities, we tend to forget how being stuck in our respective households is affecting our mental health. Especially for young people, it is incredibly hard and this is because of the active lifestyle we are acquainted with. Swallowing the ‘new normal’ can be a difficult matter for many plus with the societal taboo our country has about mental health, this generation of young people is frustrated. They have all the justifiable reasons to be. Some of the major concerns regarding the effect of Corona Virus on the mental wellbeing of the young generation has been discussed below:

Initiation of depression, anxiety and panic attacks:

In a crisis like this, people say we have a lot to be grateful for. Indeed, the privileged families of the society are supposed to be getting past this horror comfortably. However, data states otherwise. According to research done recently, many young individuals are suffering from depression, anxiety etc in this lockdown. They are demoralized and afraid about the upcoming era where chances of getting a job are negligible, where owning a house by taking a home loan is a dream and where surviving is subject to minimalism. Therefore, regardless of how perfect people or objects are around them, they are feeling low in terms of mental peace and wellbeing.

Domestic Violence:

Imagine you are imprisoned without committing a crime. How would you feel about that? You would feel furiously angry and would want to channel it through every possible medium. This is exactly why domestic violence between siblings is taking place. Some young individuals are so engulfed into a toxic mindset that they are also causing vandalism in their houses and on their domestic helpers. We know that violence, under any circumstance, is not the solution but it is how some people express their anger. There is not much we can do about it other than calming them down and making them realize their mistake.

Anger Management Issues:

Due to the fast-paced world we are living in, people are on social media all the time. People do not meditate or take some alone time to do some deep thinking. The intense pressure of proving ourselves over and over again drains us mentally which in turn creates space for negativity. This negativity surpasses a point where it is no longer controllable. That is when the anger management issue crawls in. See, we are not accustomed to living this way and as we are forcing our minds to take so many actions against our will, it gives birth to casualties that lead to a raged move. This too needs to be called out and a person struggling from it should get help.

In conclusion, mental health is not taboo. It is a crucial aspect of our lives and we, the Gen Z people can suffer from it too. If someone is struggling with it, their friends and family should address it and get appropriate help as soon as possible