The Job market 2021

Covid-19 has seriously affected the Job market and thousands of people have lost their jobs. Corona virus pandemic has turned the Job Market upside down. The students who are graduating this year are worried about the job market in 2021. Though many companies have focused on “Remote area work” but it’s not applicable for many other organizations. But different researchers claimed that new job sectors are opening in post-pandemic world and young entrepreneurs will be able to utilize their ideas in different sectors.

There will be new job opportunities in Pharmaceuticals, IT sector, E-Commerce, Health Care Services, Agro- Food, Social Media Marketing, Content making and Information Communication. COVID-19 has already shifted the general way of working at the office to work remotely. Many employees are satisfied with this “Work from home” policy. So there is a chance that many organizations will continue their works remotely even after the pandemic ends. Those who are graduating this year or finding jobs, need to have some skills to keep pace with the changing scenario of the Job Market. For the Post COVID era, young peoples should have creativity, soft skills, tech savviness, critical thinking, content writing skills, digital and coding skills, and the adaptability of learning new things.

E-Commerce companies are changing their business patterns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So they require employees who can give creative and innovative ideas along with critical thinking. Work from home policy has increased the demand for IT Sector. So there is huge opportunities for young people to work on IT and Tech-based companies. So, young people should get trained in IT-based tech skills. There will be job opportunities for Online health care service and mental support. The demand for Digital Marketing and Social Media Advertising has increased due to pandemic. So young people should focus on learning creative designing and graphics like photoshop, Video Making, Logo Design, Illustrator.

Moreover, there is a chance that the Job Market can become globalized due to “Work from home” policy. It can completely transform the Job market. When a person can work from home, they can potentially work from anywhere, inside or outside of the country. So there is a huge possibility that the Job Market can be globalized.