6 University Going Youngsters Won the Youth Public Speaking and Design Competition

On October 27, 2022, Preneur Lab organized an in-person book launching event at EMK Center. It was the debut of the Bengali edition of the primarily English book “The Morality of Capitalism,” whose editor is Dr. Tom G. Palmer. The book is being published in Bengali by Youth Academy Bangladesh.

Discussing the subject and editing experience of the book, he said, “Everything has a positive side if it can be used for human welfare.” And for this it is necessary to make maximum use of it. Likewise, if you use capitalism for business development and expansion, it will definitely set a good example in the society and human welfare will be achieved.

Earlier, Preneur Lab organized a five-day long “The Morality of Capitalism: Public Speaking Contest” as part of the translation program of the book. Students from 20 different universities participated in this debate competition. 5 people were announced as winners in the competition. Apart from the debate competition, the institute also organized a book cover design competition. Where one of the contestants was declared the winner. The name of the winning designer, Md. Sazib Hossain and he is a student of Daffodil International Academy. The winners of the debate competition are respectively. Morshed Hasan Asif, Md. Rishad Noor, Juthi Rani, Md. Zillal Hossain and Rafia Rahman. The guests gave various prizes including cash to the winners.

Competition winners said this type of program can actually expand knowledge and understanding of key subjects. Preneur Lab hopes to organize such events again in the future.

Kumrunnahar Liza, the translator of the book into Bengali, was present on the occasion. During this time, she presented her experience of the translation process and her opinion on the subject of the book. The event was attended by Mr. Arif Nezami, Founder of Preneur Lab, Ms. Rakhsanda Rukham, Chairperson of Preneur Lab and civil society representatives including winners of public speaking and design competitions.

Meanwhile, the translation organization Youth Academy Bangladesh has announced the supply of the book for the convenience of the reader. Anyone can collect the hard copy of the book for free by clicking on the following link. Apart from this, the book can also be collected from the Facebook page of Youth Academy.


Link: https://xho.to/getthebookthemoralityofcapitalism