Things Youth Should Know About Physical Activity During Pandemic

What do most young people answer when asked about, what do they want to do when the pandemic is over?’ The answer is going out and getting back to life. Ever since Covid-19 affected many countries all around the world it has resulted in lockdowns, mostly youths are having a hard time carrying on with the physical activity. This is a result of staying at home for long and not being able to go out. Thus, many young people have been affected by poor mental and physical health. The second wave of Covid-19 has struck recently and it’s getting even worse. During this sensitive period, everyone should stay home and maintain social distance. So, how should younger people lead a healthy life if they are constantly at home and not able to perform any physical activity?


What does physical activity really mean and how to do it during pandemics?

It is the movement of the body that results from investing energy. But the question arises about how to do physical activity during this pandemic and be consistent with it? Firstly, it is important to realize that physical activity can be done effectively at home and at your own comfort, and once you are determined to take responsibility for your own body, you can be consistent with it. Physical activity is not only about jogging outside, having a walk in the early morning or going to the gym every week. It is about anything that requires muscle movement, such as: exercising at your own place. Doing sit-ups, push-ups, walking around the house or on the rooftop. Important activities to do around the house such as: mopping, cleaning around the house and even lively gardening can be done as a daily physical activity. Even if you do not have a treadmill at home, you can always choose to give your muscles some powerful boost and show some love to your body by doing fun dance cardio or relaxing yoga!


Why should you prioritize doing physical activity and how is it going to be beneficial for you?

Obviously most people know the benefits of physical activity for the body. But the surrounding tensions and worries that are linked with Covid-19 led many to forget about maintaining their lifestyle and fitness.Our body is in need of movement or any activity in order to stay healthy . The organs of our body demands to have basic movements to function properly without being affected by any disease , build and maintain strong bones and muscles.But the loss of business, jobs and even loved ones has left a lot of people numb. But it’s high time that we focus on our wellbeing and try to boost the immune system. Lack of physical activity at home can result in demotivation, loneliness, and sometimes depression as well. The disconnection between nature and other humans is enough to make someone feel low and unproductive. Thus, it is essential to maintain a weekly or everyday fitness routine that will consist of some sort of physical activity. Otherwise, sudden weight gain or loss can easily cause our body to be destructive enough and make our body eligible to attract different illnesses. Everyday physical activity can result in good sleep and mood. It will eventually keep the mind actively motivated in everyday life. Thus, you need to have a mindset every day to be regular with it and plan a long-term fitness regime. So that you are always ready to kick start! 

In conclusion, times can often be tough in human life but we should not forget to take care of our own selves and take charge of our actions. Prioritizing our body is our responsibility. All in all we should be able to find some time for us and get engaged with some fun physical activity!