Tips for Online Job Interview

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic situation, Online interviews or assessments are happening now and it will continue until the situation gets normal. So a proper preparation is needed for online interviews. This article will help you to take proper preparations so that you will have a great online interview:

  Internet Connection: 

Make sure you have a proper internet or Wifi connection. If other people in your home are using the Wifi that is weakening the connection for you then please ask them to turn off the Wi-Fi until your interview is finished. You should always have a backup plan because there is no certainty of electricity or Wifi connection. So, you can buy mobile data as a backup.

  Position of your Laptop/Computer: 

You need to ensure that you position the laptop/Computer correctly! It should be at the eye level so that you are looking straight to the camera. Put lights in front of you, not behind you so that your face is clearly visible to the interviewer.

  Make sure your Background is clear: 

Find a place where your background is a blank wall or nice painting and organized. Remove visible clutter so that interviewers don’t get distracted.

 Avoid External Noise: 

Choose a calm and quiet place for the interview so that external noises don’t hamper the interview.


Wear decent and formal clothes. It’s an online interview but it doesn’t mean you will come informally in front of the interviewers. It is really important that you dress professionally in a manner that enables you to feel at your best. it also sends a message to the interviewer that you are taking the interview seriously.

  Maintain Eye Contact: 

Maintain eye contact in a similar way that you would physically. Remain focused and look at the camera while talking.

  Use Headphone: 

Using headphones will make your online interview and conference better. it minimizes the chance of echo from your mic picking up the audio from your own speakers. Use a good quality headphone.

 Prepare your necessary Documents: 

Sometimes interviewers can ask you to share your computer/laptop screen and show some documents or E- certificates. You have to keep them ready so that you can immediately share those things.

 Ask interviewers what their Expectations from you? :

Ask the interviews: How long the interview would be?, Will the interview be on the phone or by video conference (VC)? Are you expected to give a presentation? If so on what, and for how long? Etc before the interview so that you can make proper preparations. These are some basic questions that you should know before the interview.

Lastly, be confident about yourself, be professional, and don’t be nervous!

Good Luck!