Visualize your way through 2021 and become your best self

2020 was a year of challenge and severe mental breakdown. Many of us had lost our loved ones, jobs, business and all these had affected our mental health greatly. It’s like we have lost and wasted an entire year. And then here comes a new year with new hope!

Despite of having troubles and mental breakdowns from 2020, you are still alive with sound health. And it’s a big blessing from the almighty! Now just think about yourself and focus on setting goals for 2021. In adjectives that are measurable and obtainable, describe your ideal self. It’s better if you take the time to write down these stuffs and keep them somewhere where at least once a week you’ll be able to see them. It helps to remind you of what you are working for. In order to be your best self, it is also important to prioritize these things. Maybe you have a lot of stuff on your list, and that’s wonderful! But Try to pick one at a time to focus on actively, however. Try to find out and overcome all your bad habits. For example: If you eat too much junk food then try to avoid that. One of the most precious lessons that we have got from 2020 is “Health is the WEALTH!” So all of us should focus on our health (both mental and physical) more. Maybe you have got some difficulties with communicating with people and that is greatly affecting your personal and professional life. So, In meetings with your supervisor, you can work on communicating more clearly. Take it one step at a time and see how quickly you evolve as an individual.

Set your goals in a smart way. At first, try to find out what is your capabilities and lackings. Do your own SWOT Analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats), work on them, and set goals accordingly. It’s really important to have a good understanding of what you want and why,  in order to imagine and develop the kind of life you want. By knowing what you value and what gives you the most pleasure in life, this can be done. Did you ever have a moment when you did something and felt good doing it? If yes, then that’s a positive sign of something in your life that you may like to have. Keep in mind that each of your goals should have a purpose. You can find that a certain aim of yours no longer suits your desires or goals a few months (or years) down the road.

A proverb goes that “Rome was not built in a day.” Likewise, in one day, the life you want to achieve will not happen, but will eventuate in a set of days and efforts to progress towards your purpose. Do not get too caught up with how far you are, but work on the moment and set up regular or weekly tasks to get where you want.

You will be challenged with barriers while establishing the life you want there. In reality, imagining yourself facing these obstacles and, most importantly, overcoming them is an important tip when doing your visualizations.