WhatsApp: Is it really secure?

WhatsApp is known as one of the most used apps and in the last two years it has been downloaded the most among other apps. It is a messaging app owned by Facebook, Inc letting people send texts, make audio and video calls and much more. But the question arises, even with all the privacy settings, is WhatsApp really secure to use and what are the ways to stay safe?


Keeping the app updated: We are often lazy to update our apps or maybe we are busy doing something and we keep it for later. But it is very important to update the app as much as it is asked to. There is no such thing as a completely private communication between computers. Keep confidential conversations and content offline, and keep your WhatsApp app up to date to improve your WhatsApp protection. Thus, update the app whenever the notification is displayed on your phone or computer. 


Your deleted messages are not really deleted: We might think that once we delete the message or full conversation, it’s all gone but you will be able to view your own deleted messages using the chat backup feature, which backs up all of your messages automatically.There are also third-party applications that can retrieve deleted messages that have been exchanged with others. Another probability is that a hacker can gain access to old chats saved in the cloud of an app owner.


Can your WhatsApp get hacked: Several times, in a variety of forms WhatsApp can be hacked.. There hasn’t been a single app, service, or network that hasn’t been hacked.  Assume that every digital medium is prone to attack. Make the most of your privacy settings and never reveal potentially dangerous material, financial details, or personal information End-to-end coding, without a doubt, makes it even more difficult for hackers to access WhatsApp messages. WhatsApp is more stable than most chat applications, but it is not without flaws.  


Keep your WhatsApp safe and secure: It’s critical to be mindful of popular scams while using WhatsApp (or any other app), such as ransomware, cat-fishing, work and money scams, spyware, and file jacking. Switch on Security Notifications in Settings to increase security by receiving a warning if the security code changes for some purpose.Other security measures include using two-factor authentication, you should never share your 6-digit SMS verification code. Moreover disabling cloud backup will make your profile secure.


Last but not the least WhatsApp isn’t the only common app with security flaws that hackers can take advantage of. Any app or network connecting to the internet is vulnerable to a cyber-attack of any kind.