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Why Dost.AI is Bangladesh Best AI Chatbot Service ?

Chatbot is the most rising automation technology in the world currently to serve your customer in the fastest way and uninterrupted going after hours. This is the platform where you can serve your customers instantly without increasing employee headcount! Yes you don’t need any human employee active for 24/7 service but your customers will get human-like support services from Chatbots. This is the most amazing AI integrated technology of chatbots.


There are many platforms of chatbots like Messenger, WhatsApp, Webbot, Appbot, Viber etc. through which you can engage with and serve your customers.


Messenger as a most engaging Chatbot : It is the most used messaging app owned by Facebook with multiple usages like voice and video calls, and also popular for its chatbot services like product marketing, serving customers individually, sending Ads, push products promotions etc. Sounds interesting? Yes through Messenger chatbot you can do all these things without your human customer support. AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is making this possible for chatbots. Even this can be used also for payment gateway. As Facebook is the most popular and feasible platform of online business, Messenger chatbot found the most rated platform for engaging a huge number of customers.


Whatsapp Chatbot: WhatsApp is also a messaging app that can also be used for chatbot service by sending the details of your product and answering customers queries instantly like humans with AI technology. Also can hand over to human agents as per customer requirement.


Webbot: If you have a website or e-commerce platform then you can also have an ultimate customer service solution through a chatbot. Here chatbot can also serve with product information and reply to customer queries.


Similarly, there are more chatbots channels like Appbot which is a chatbot service in your app, Viberbot etc.


How beneficial are Chatbots?


Well, to describe the benefits of chatbots I can start with that giant brands are embracing chatbots in a wide range for comprehensive marketing to reach ample customers within a very short time. It powers up your business marketing by improving customer experience, boosting conversation rate and reaching out to the visitors proactively as well; an AI chatbot can supercharge your sales, optimize your support by resolving problems faster. Chatbot can reduce your human head cost as it can provide services like humans are conversing with the customers. Chatbots not only add value to your business but also can work as your lifestyle assistance. What’s it called? Well, one can know about weather updates, or order food, news updates, send money or find a restaurant and many more things can be done by using chatbots. So there is a limitless potentiality of using chatbots in the near future.

Artificial Intelligence and


Throughout the write up I have used the term AI several times. So what is AI actually? AI that is Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines that can act like humans by thinking, working and problem-solving by train up. Integration of AI technology in chatbots lifts up the chatbot service far away and in Bangladesh is the best chatbot service to integrate AI in chatbot with multiple features. is a chatbot service in Bangladesh powered by PreneurLab Ltd.-A Social Good Company who provides AI chatbot services to many giant brands like Robi-A telecommunication company, Airtel, Banglalink, BRAC, The Daily Star, Yamaha and many more. This is the only chatbot service in Bangladesh in which’s chatbots can talk in multiple languages like Bangla, English and Banglish. chatbots supports Facebook, Messenger, Google Assistant, WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter and many more platforms. 

It has multiple features of business promotion, customer services with agent handover option, lifestyle API’s, data analytics that understand user’s interests and many more AI features. This innovative chatbot of Preneurlab Ltd. is so well trained that you have to think twice, whether you are talking to a bot or human! So far this automated chatbot upgraded the services of the customers journey of its users, reducing human cost, time and ensuring 24/7 fastest customer service with real human experience.