Why Liberty Youth Speaking and Cover Designing Contest

Preneur Lab organized a book launching event on 13 September, 2021. It was the launching event of the Bengali version of the book “Why Liberty” which is mainly an English book and it’s editor is Dr. Tom G Palmer. Youth Academy Bangladesh is publishing the Bengali version of the book. Dr. Tom G. Palmer was present at the event. Dr. Lailufar Yasmin, Professor of International Relations at University of Dhaka and the auditor of the Bengali version of the book was also present in the event.


For the translation process Preneur Lab chose 3 translators according to their experience and sample writing. Several auditing was done of the translation and the final outcome was selected for printing. The lead translator of the book was present in the event and shared her thoughts and experience.


Preneur Lab arranged a 5 day-long public speaking contest named Why Liberty : Public Speaking Contest which was a part of this book launching event. Students from 30 Universities registered themselves to take part in the contest. Among them 10 students were shortlisted for participating in the contest. 5 topics were chosen from the book for the contest and everyday 2 students represented their speeches on their assigned topics before the jury board. The jury board selected a winner from each day of the contest and total 5 winners were selected from the 5 day contest. These 5 winners also kept their speeches on the event.


Preneur Lab also arranged a book cover designing contest and a winner of the contest was selected by the jury board. The cover designing winner was also present at the event and shared her experience about being a part of the book and her thoughts about creating the design.


The book is available to download at free of cost from the Youth Academy Bangladesh page and if any one wants to collect the hard copy of the book that is also possible by just applying through the link below.


Link : http://xho.to/getbookwhyliberty


The book will be a huge source of knowledge about liberty in human life. It will provide a clear knowledge of liberty and its impacts to everyone.