Youth Career: 5 things you should do now!

30% of the total population is the youth people (15-35 age) in Bangladesh. “Youth” the word represents a person who didn’t reach adulthood yet and it refers to the period before reaching adulthood. It’s a time when a person sets his/her time goals and learns life lessons so that he/she could become an independent person in the future! There are 5 important things in which youth people can involve themselves in order to learn and grow their skills:


1.Social work: 

Social work is an important thing to do for the youth. It helps them for career development and gives an opportunity to help society. Social work can be started from your home! You can simply feed the street dogs around in your residence. There are large numbers of NGOs and non-profit organizations in Bangladesh where youth people can join in order to serve society. For example Jagoo Foundation, Bidyanado: 1 taka meal. You can simply participate in their events to develop your people skills and serve society.

2.Technical skill Development: 

Today’s world is an era of the technological revolution. So young youth must gain skills in technology. Rather than just browsing Facebook or Instagram young people can develop their skills in different basic software such as MS Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc). They can learn adobe illustrator, photoshop, C language, HTML, Coding in order to gain expertise in the technology sector.

  1. Volunteering/ Event management: 

Arranging different events and working on different volunteering works helps to gain leadership qualities.  By doing this type of works, young people can make good social networking so that it can be helpful for their future career. Also, this type of activity will boost up their cv.

  1. Health awareness: 

Young people should know about basic health issues so that they can motivate others. They should gain good health. Yoga, meditation, and freehand exercise should be done for having good health. Also, the youth should be aware of their health and hygiene. A survey indicates that around 45% of young generations suffer from mental health issues and depression, 15% of them commit suicide every year! This is an alarming issue. So, young people should do meditation for their mental health.

  1. Know what’s happening around the world!: 

Youth people should be aware of what’s going on in the world such as political news, sports, new inventions, business, etc. they should gain outer knowledge more than the bookish knowledge. Youth people should be updated according to the new trend and technologies. Traveling is the best way to know about the world and different cultures. They should read regular newspapers, watch BBC news.