Youth Empowerment and How to achieve it

In today’s world, the percentage of the population that can be labeled as youth is around 16% or 1.2 billion people. In Bangladesh, it is around 20% or 30 million as of 2018. The label youth is placed of boys and girls that are within 15 to 24 years of age. This age range is an important period in the development process both mentally and physically. It’s in this time range that a person learns about the world around them and figures out what they want to do and where they want to be when they become an adult. To figure out all these things a youth has to go through a learning process that’s both academic as well as work-related.

  1. Study

To properly figure out what it is that the youth wants to be or do he/she needs to have a deep and useful pool of information that can be utilized. As the youth grows up during this time frame they will steadily be given more and more complex information from a long list of topics. While their understanding grows they will become more aware of their interests which will undoubtedly lead them to their future career.

  1. Part-time or Volunteer Work

As the understanding of what they want to do when they are adults become clearer opportunities to work in relatable fields in smaller capacities will surely become available. Using these opportunities to their advantage will give the youths an upper hand in the future. These opportunities can be either a part-time job or a non-profit volunteer work. Both of those are useful in their own ways.

  1. Workshops and Course Outside Department (COD)

While knowing what a person wants to do in their future is good and everything it doesn’t mean that they should only care about that one topic. Having too much knowledge is never a bad thing since one can never have too much knowledge. When a person learns things outside their area of study they will learn things that may or may not use in the future. Having knowledge about multiple topics means that if need be a person can mix and match different information and create something that may not have been seen yet. Not all problems can be solved using one train of thought someday help is needed either from another person or in some cases a different pool of knowledge.