Youth, Unemployment and fake online job recruiters

According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the number of the youth unemployment rate in Bangladesh has almost doubled over the past seven years. Along with the rising youth unemployment, the online Job offers are rising as well. Youths often become depressed or remain frustrated when they can’t acquire a job that they desire due to high competitive job sector in our country. As a result, many job aspirants often become victim of fake job calls. As job offers are turning more online, it became very hard to detect whether a job offer or recruiter is genuine. With the launch of a new “Job” option in Facebook, it became even harder.

So, today we will discuss some tip-offs that will help you to identify fake job offers and fraudulent companies.

As a large number of graduate unemployed youths are prevailing in our country right now. Those youths are an easy target of the fraud recruiters. So, If you receive a job offer with a higher salary as a fresher compared to the market, you might need to reconsider this offer as it could be a scam.

Secondly, If a job offer is sent from a free email account such as,, or then it’s fake. You must know that Authenticate job offers are always sent from the company’s registered email.

Thirdly, If you receive a job offer letter with improper formatting or generally bad English, it can indicate that the offer is not real. Make sure that your offer letter should have contact information, telephone number or company address, and an official logo. Otherwise, it can be a fake one.

Fourthly, as a young job seeker, you need to undertake your research before applying for any job. Make sure that it is a verified company and the website is secure before entering your details.

Fifthly, fake job offers will have a Vague job Requirements and job Description. These requirements are so ridiculously simple that almost everyone qualifies: Must be 18 years old, must be a citizen, must have access to the internet. The job requirements don’t mention years of education or experience. As a rule of thumb, if it’s a real job, the requirements will be quite specific.

Lastly, Another most important thing to take into consideration is never to make money transfer from your account to their account to get a job. It will surely be a scam. If money is asked, then it’s a fake job call. No legitimate company asks for money in the name of bond or security deposits in advance.

Cashing in on the high rates of unemployment among the youth, numerous fraudsters and cyber miscreants have been duping individuals of fake jobs in the social media and different other job sites as it’s free to advertise a job in all these sites. Stay alert before you become the prey of such online job recruiters.